Did you hear Community Manager, Paula, pretending to be the Chancellor for 60 seconds on Radio Sussex this morning, championing the cause of local charities? If you missed it, here is her inaugural speech!
“I’ve seen first-hand how Community Transport is a life-line to hundreds of people in my community and I think it should be financially recognised as the vital asset that it is.
Community Transport organisations are charities who know how make every penny donated go further – by supporting CT operators financially, the actual benefit to the community can be up to four times the value of any donations – by gaining support from volunteers, community businesses and local organisations to stretch the value of every pound – with the end result being the delivery of high quality, vital front line services to the community including support for vulnerable, lonely and isolated people who would be lost without community transport and its door to door services.
If I were Chancellor for sixty seconds, I would encourage local authorities and organisations to continue to support vital community transport services and operators.
CTLA has had tremendous support from local authorities and organisations recently and I’d love to see the government reward these community-minded initiatives with more financial support to help them carry on their good work.”

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