Buy someone in need a beverage or meal:
We have a scheme set up to provide food and drink to those in need.
The ‘customer’ buys a drink or meal for a ‘person in need’ which is then held in suspension until such time that it is required by an individual who is unable to afford a warm drink or plate of food.
We gladly receive donations in the form of money for a meal or drink should you wish to participate in this scheme.
It is confidential, you do not have to supply any details in order to donate.
Please feel free to ask at the kiosk in the café at the Hillcrest centre and the lovely staff will help.
Opening times: Monday—Friday 8:30am—4pm
This scheme is available at the Hillcrest Centre Café, Newhaven.
Hillcrest Centre
Hillcrest Road
01273 512376

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