Although we operate on a pre-booked basis, when emergencies arise, CTLA will always strive to go ‘the extra mile’.
On Tuesday 19th July, we received a telephone call from a distressed 71 year old Newhaven resident who needed to get to the Lewes Victoria Hospital minor injuries unit as soon as possible. Our Customer Service Operator jumped into action and contacted our surgery and clinic free bus, funded by the CCG, getting to the gentleman in double quick time.
For community members on a fixed income, taxi fares of over £30 can add intolerable stress to an already distressing, and painful, situation so we were happy to provide this service free of charge, which has been described as ‘worth it’s weight in gold’.
Patients of the following surgeries can ring 01273 612332 to register for this FREE transport service. You don’t have to be a certain age or have mobility issues – the service is for EVERYONE. The CCG realise that treating minor issues saves them becoming major issues – and improving local health and well-being at a much earlier stage of intervention.
Rowe Avenue Surgery, Peacehaven
Meridian Surgery (Anchor Healthcare centre), Peacehaven
Foxhill Medical Centre, Peacehaven
Quayside Medical Practice. Newhaven
Chapel Street Surgery Newhaven
Please share this service far and wide. It could help a family member, neighbour or friend as it did on Tuesday for our grateful client who is now on the mend from his nasty injury. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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