CTLA are delighted to have been named as finalists in the Seahaven Business Awards 2016 for outstanding customer service.
As a front line service, we are aware that the direct interaction that our clients have with our staff is what they will remember and mention to their friends and family, which is why creating a good impression is so important.
We believe our staff show excellent customer service skills and are proud that the announcement that we are finalists backs up our views.
So what makes good customer service?
Empathy, patience and consistency. Some customers can be unsure. Others may have questions or simply want to chat. Our staff provide the same great level of service every time.
Adaptability. We recognise every client is different, and some circumstances may change week-to-week. Our team handle surprises, sense the customer’s mood and adapt accordingly. They also have a willingness to learn– providing good customer service is a continuous learning process.
Clear communication. We use clear positive language, stay cheerful no matter what and never end a conversation without confirming the client fully understands and is happy with our interaction.
Knowledge. Our staff are informed enough to respond to most inquiries and know where to turn if the questions become too detailed or technical to answer. Our clients appreciate the honesty and our efforts to find the right answer and solutions for each individual circumstance.
The Award winners will be announced on Friday 6th May at Jerome Hall, Peacehaven.

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