ESDA Coach Services Ltd
We are really sorry to have to tell you this, but as of Friday, 19th December 2014, ESDA Coach Services (ESDACS Ltd) will no longer be in operation as their Board have taken steps to place the company into voluntary liquidation.
The ESDA Board recognise all that the ESDACS Ltd Board have done to try to avoid having to shut down and we realise that this decision will be extremely disappointing and upsetting for ESDACS staff, our local groups, other disability organisations and disabled people who have always valued the service highly.
We are very sorry to have to break the news like this, but we know that the ESDACS Ltd Board explored all other potential options and the situation leaves them with no alternative other than to close the service with immediate effect.
Services run by ESDA from the Centre for Independent Living, (ie the Daily Living Centre, Information Service, IT training etc) are not affected by this.
ESDA Trustees and Managers will now be working hard to find alternative transport solutions to support local services, both our own and those run by others. We will keep you informed.

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