CTLA Charity Champions Scheme

Everything starts with a journey – and for millions of people across the UK, that journey can only be accomplished with support. Community Transport aims to meet the needs that public transport leaves unmet, to tackle loneliness and social isolation and to ensure the whole community feels included and socially active.

CTLA Charity Champions will be supported and informed enough about services in their community to help spread the word and to encourage more participation from clients we have yet to reach.

Charity Champions can be individuals, a representative of a local authority or business, or from a community group or organisation.


The Charity Champion Co-ordinator will hold a two-hour information and training session and the information can then be replicated in the local community of our Charity Champions – or they may just like to have leaflets and information on a stall at a local event.
Our Charity Champions need to be over 18, but younger people are welcome to become involved under the supervision of a Charity Champion.
There will be an online video here shortly, which, whilst not interactive like the session, will give an overview of the information about Community Transport, enabling people to become better informed.

Getting On Board

Once our Charity Champions have a better understanding of Community Transport, they will be encouraged to ‘Get On Board’ with positive actions.

  • Finding out if local individuals or organisations could benefit from our services
  • Wearing the CTLA Charity Champion badge and answering questions if asked about it
  • Recruiting further Charity Champions in their area
  • Supporting fundraising events and initiatives
  • Spreading the word about Community Transport or having leaflets at a local event

Contact and Support

CTLA will keep in regular contact with our Charity Champions by email or newsletter and hold a Charity Champions event three times a year for networking, updating, communication and socialising.

For more information please email info@ctla.org.uk or ring 01273 517332 or fill out the ‘contact us’ form below and we will be delighted to get in touch.

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