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    Seahaven Business Awards 2018

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    Newhaven Sunday Service Starting 22/04/18

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  • Simon Kirby
    CTLA provides transport for people who are not on, or near, a bus route or struggle to access public transport.…
    Simon Kirby, Former MP for Peacehaven
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  • Steve Saunders
    CTLA provide an invaluable service to vulnerable members of our community, enabling them to access events, health appointments, groups and…
    Steve Saunders - Newhaven Town and Lewes District Councillor
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  • Mollie
    Mollie currently attends the Life Skills Centre at Chailey Heritage Foundation and has enjoyed a crucial, comfortable and caring service…
    Mollie's Dad
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  • Maria Caulfield
    CTLA has, and continues to, assist infinite numbers of vulnerable and isolated members of the community across my constituency, and…
    Maria Caufield, MP for Lewes
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